Famous Bands from Edinburgh

Famous Bands from Edinburgh

Edinburgh is home to about half a million people and is host to a lively music scene. Some of the biggest names in music are a product for the city and below is a list of a few of them. It is people like these that we at Drum lessons Edinburgh encourage our students to follow by, whether that be their success or just the work ethic they had to adapt to to reach the top of the table! 

The Proclaimers

Possibly one of Scotland's biggest exports thanks to their worldwide hit song 'I'm gonna be (500 Miles)', The Proclaimers are aguably Edinburgh's most successful duo - noteable for their distinctive singing style where they fully embrace their Edinburgh accent as opposed to the more common style of americanised-accent singing. They grew up in the city and were born in Leith in 1962. They first attracted attention after going on tour with English Band 'The Housemartins'. Their album 'sunshine on leith', which included the song I'm Gonna be achieved platinum status in the UK and was released in 1988. 

Bay City Rollers

Bay City Rollers were a pop group and were at their height in the 1970's. They were formed as 'The Saxons' in Edinburgh by brothers Alan and Derke Longmuir and their schoolfriend Gordon Clark. They broke into the national scene in 1974 with the songs Shang-a-lang and 'Summerlove sensation' which hit number 2 and number 3 in the charts respectively. This success turned into worldwide recognition in 1976 when the group signed with Arista Records and their song 'Saturday Night' hit number 1 on the US singles chart. The path from the local music scene to the international stage happened pretty quickly for the Bay City Rollers and it is success like this that we at Drum lessons Edinburgh want our students to aim for, no matter how farfetched or far away it may seem!

 The Vaselines

The Vaselines are an alternative rock band formed in 1986. They attracted a lot of attention from a popular follower of the group named Kurt Cobain, who commended the group and even named one of his daughters after a member of the group Frances McKee! They went on to open for Nirvana in 1990 when the famous american band came to play in Edinburgh. They produced two EP's in 1987 and 1988 and three LP's across 3 decades ion 1989, 2010 and 2014. They did not neccesarily achieve high chart rankings but always kept involved in the music scene and were always loyal to their followers.

Photography: Christian Bertrand

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