Here are my drum lessons prices:

ONE HOUR (in rehearsal room) - £28

ONE HOUR (in your home) - £30

For my experience the best solution is 1h/week, because it’s enough time to teach something properly and it’s also enough time for the student to practice until the following lesson. However, if someone is particularly motivated, we can arrange 2h/week as well as 1h/2weeks if someone is particularly busy. For any question do not hesitate to get in touch because I’m sure we can find out the best solution for you.

I teach many of my lessons from a rehearsal studio based in Edinburgh, it is a great place to learn to play the drums with fantastic equipment. You can view several images of the studio enclosed below:

Blue Drum Room

Green Drum Room

New Method To Learn Drums

Too often learning how to play an instrument means to do exercises by your own: I want to make you play drums on real songs, such as the backing tracks of your favorite songs, so you can find out how the things we study can be applied on real music and that gives you the chance to enjoy more the practice of this complex instrument. At the same time I'll take you through your favorite styles to help you to develop specific techniques, always keeping in mind the music must be fun first of all!

To find out more or to arrange a lesson call me on 0131 358 8465 or email me at

A different way to learn how to play drums: a customised method to achieve your own goals, playing along with your favourite songs and learning different styles such as rock, pop & funk!

Professional Drum Lessons Rock, Funk, Metal, Pop, Jazz, Hip Hop…and play along on your favourite songs!