Recording and Rehearsal Studios

Recording and Rehearsal Studios

At Drum Lessons Edinburgh there is almost nothing that means more to us than when a student tells us they're taking the next big step and going in to a recording studio for the first time. Recording is a special opportunity for any musician but can sometimes be quite an intimidating process when you're surrounded by experienced professionals in a professional environment. We beleive the best studios for our students are ones which are capable of providing a professional sound for a fair price whilst at the same time making our students feel comfortable in what can be a daunting experience for some. We've found a few studios in Edinburgh that we feel meet these criteria - enjoy!

Banana Row Studios

Banana Row Studios is one of Edinburgh's most visited rehearsal and recording centres. Built with functionability in mind and situated in the heart of the capital, the facility offers a professional finish to your sound and provides state of the art equipment for talent from around the country. There are services available for recording and mixing, overdubs and track mastering at rates of £30/hr and rehearsal rooms to hire for VERY reasonable prices - some of the rates they offer here for rehearsing beat most other rehearsal rooms nationwide, which could be key if you're neighbours can't cope with the amount of noise that's coming from your bedroom!

Banana Row Studios, 43-47 Eyre Place, Edinburgh, EH3 5EY.

Telephone: 0131 5572088


The Depot

Depot Recoridng & Rehearsal Studios are a large establishment backed up with rehearsal rooms and top-end recording equipment located in the north-east of Edinburgh. They have 6 rehearsal rooms available for hire at hourly rates of £7-9 all kitted out with quality kit, all of which can be seen on their photo gallery. The recording studio is built around a centrepeice Metric Halo 2882 2d (expanded + DSP interface), which is a product from the United States and is practically the definition of 'top-end' equipment. This equipment plus recording space is avaialble at £30/hr or £225/8hr with a sound engineer included. 

It should be noted that the studio offers a downloadable Tech specification and names all of their equipment. This is a property rarely seen in studios and is something we encourage our students to look for when doing their own research as it shows the studio is confident in boasting about their equipment if they think it is the best to offer! This is clear of the depot and shows just how popular they are - this place is certainly worth a shot!

The Depot Studios, 20-22 West Harbour Road, Edinburgh, EH5 1PN.

Telephone: 0131 5516709


Castlesound Studios 

Castlesound Studios offer recording services and have been doing so for over 40 years. Based in the countryside about 20 minutes from Edinburgh, they provide a quite unique environment in which sound can be recorded within spacious, daylit rooms as opposed to the purpose built crampy studios of the inner city.

The studio itself has been developed over the years and refined many times to achieve the famous acoustic quality the rooms possess today. Again they provide a full in-depth equipment list and are very proud of the work they do, offering not just recording but also mastering to help your sound achieve that professional on-the-shelf feel. 

CastleSound Studios, Main Street, Pencaitland, City of Edinburgh, EH34 5DW.

Telephone: +441875 340143


New Method To Learn Drums

Too often learning how to play an instrument means to do exercises by your own: I want to make you play drums on real songs, such as the backing tracks of your favorite songs, so you can find out how the things we study can be applied on real music and that gives you the chance to enjoy more the practice of this complex instrument. At the same time I'll take you through your favorite styles to help you to develop specific techniques, always keeping in mind the music must be fun first of all!

To find out more or to arrange a lesson call me on 0131 358 8465 or email me at

A different way to learn how to play drums: a customised method to achieve your own goals, playing along with your favourite songs and learning different styles such as rock, pop & funk!

Professional Drum Lessons Rock, Funk, Metal, Pop, Jazz, Hip Hop…and play along on your favourite songs!